Award ARCH is the award of the magazine ARCH about architecture and other culture. It was established by draft committee in the year 1998 for purposes of emphasizing the noteworthy works of the domestic architectonical scene. The award is yearly dedicated to the architectonical work which is recognised by the international jury for the most expressive architectonical achievement reflected in the last season on the pages of the journal ARCH.
Since the year 2006 is the administrator of the Award ARCH the Publishing house EUROSTAV, which is also the publisher of the magazine ARCH. Laureate of the Award ARCH 2006 became the architectonical work Sky boxes and sky lounge HC Slovan in Bratislava from the architects Dušan Fischer, Richard Koseček, Ján Kuva, Ján Jacko and Zoran Samoľ.
Materialised award is since 2006 the artefact of the academic sculptor Jozef Hobor that was designed and made especially for this event and become the symbol of the award for its next volumes.

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