Magazine ARCH about architecture and other culture is single critical monthly paper about the Slovakian architecture. It arose in the year 1995 and since then has been established on the Slovakian scene as the meaning-making medium.
Magazine ARCH surveys latest architectonical works in Slovakia and in the neighbouring middle European countries. It publishes the scientific criticisms of currently realised buildings, theoretical studies, criticisms of books, exhibitions and other undertakings in the area of architecture and other culture. High knowing standard is guarantied by international draft committee which is comprised of the prestigious architects, theoretists, historians and critics of the architecture from Slovakia, Czech Republic and Slovenia. ARCH is exclusive journal, which reflects the latest movements in architecture, concerns of development trends and informs of the actual events in architecture in Slovakia and surrounding countries.
Magazine ARCH along with the parent publishing house EUROSTAV advertises and organises the prestigious award for the architecture Award of ARCH, which laureate is yearly judged by the international experts' jury. The works for the Award of Arch are nominated by the draft committee of the journal from the work published in the journal in the last season.